Re-election at the IIW: Stephan Egerland remains chair of the Technical Management Board


On June 23, 2020, the Board of Directors of the International Institute of Welding (IIW) elected Dr. Stephan Egerland to remain in post as chair of the Technical Management Board (TMB) for another three years. The decision was formally endorsed by the General Assembly of the IIW on July 15 of this year. Egerland is part of the Technology Publication Board at Fronius International and has held the position of IIW TMB Chair since 2017.
Stephan Egerland
Dr. Stephan Egerland

The Technical Management Board is the most important technical committee of the IIW. As chair, Stephan Egerland will lead the technical direction of the International Institute of Welding until 2023. Egerland will also remain a member of the Board of Directors, the highest body at the IIW. Egerland will continue to dedicate his upcoming term of office entirely to the further development of the IIW: “My vision is to make the TMB a strong, strategically focused unit that supports the IIW Board of Directors as well as the technical commissions in putting the strategy of the IIW into practice.”

The International Institute of Welding is the world’s largest welding association with 51 member countries. In addition to its global networking function, the organization deals intensively with welding technology matters. This includes subjects of current and future importance concerning joining processes, material behavior, filler metals, occupational health and safety, standardization and norms, as well as global welder training.

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