Charge & Connect

the connected charging Solution


Fronius Charge & Connect offers a variety of new opportunities to increase the efficiency and performance of your charging infrastructure. All charging data, such as charging status and processes, are transmitted and visualised in real time. The resulting transparency offers new potentials and optimisation possibilities to operate a cost-effective overall system.

Your Charge & Connect benefits

More transparency and full control

Benefit from a new data-transparency of your charging infrastructure

Total Cost of Ownership

higher efficiency, minimized risk, reduced costs

Better predictability and planning

plan effectively and indetify defects earlier

Charge & Connect - Features


  • Individual visualisation possibilities of charging infrastructure
  • Status monitoring for maximum transparency

Connected Battery chargers

  • Continuous, always-on monitoring of your chargers
  • Easy access to your charging data
  • Always-up-to-date via automatic software updates 

Condition monitoring

  • Condition monitoring of the charging infrastructure (state of the battery,  operational readiness of the battery chargers, analysis of charging behaviour)
  • Timely notifications in case of critical alerts and warnings


  • Reduce peak currents triggered by charging energy
  • Management of energy flows
  • Optimise the consumption of your own renewable energy